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Period Make-Up For The Stage

A guide to make-up and basic hairstyles for the most popular period stage productions with a little background to each century.

Stage Make-up Step By Step

A beginner's guide to basic stage make-up techniques for all ethnic groups which shows you how to vary the make-up for different stage sizes. Includes make-up for children and some simple special effects. 

Hair & Wigs For The Stage

This book covers all the basic things an actor or make-up artist needs to know about hair and facial hair, and included a guide for different styles at different periods.

Amazon Reviews

Didn't think this book existed.
Glad I found it. Just what I needed . Thanks so much.
very helpful book

I needed information on stage make-up to assist me in my seasonal role as one of Father Christmas's official helpers. This book helped no end.

A great book for any actor's shelf

This was a book that I had checked out at the library for a long time, and I finally decided that I wanted to get a copy of my own. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Bought this for our granddaughter. Loves to do makeup but is adamant that stage and theatre makeup is what she wants to do.
This explains basics by step by step instructions with pictures.

Swinfield's step by step guide is informative and easy to read.

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