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Private Make-Up Lessons

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I suppose that I would be called a veteran make-up designer now, with decades of experience under my belt working in fashion, theatre, and advertising.

However, throughout my career, I have always been interested in personal make-up and have helped many women in the public eye as well as people just like you and me.

What really interests me now is helping what I call the invisible women, those like me who will never see sixty again.

Fashion editors either ignore us, add the occasional older model [ usually aged 45 -55 ], or lump us all together in advice for 60+ women as if there were no difference between someone aged 65 and 85.

So as someone who knows from personal experience how an older face works I wanted to offer make-up advice for other older women.

As hair is equally important I can cover that as well as ideas and tips on your wardrobe if requested.

It is a curious thing that despite the millions of words in magazines and online I know that many women find it difficult to relate this to themselves, sometimes of course the advice is just incorrect.


Personal tuition in your own home gives you the chance to discuss what you would like to achieve with your make-up but more importantly how you wish to be SEEN.
Wardrobe advice can also be given, 

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I am not interested in clever make-up, my aim is to boost your confidence by showing you what is great about your face and then enhancing it.
I am not aligned to any cosmetic company and do not sell products.


"The greatest thing for me has been doing my eyes differently, it was such a help and I am very pleased with the result."

"I so enjoyed meeting you and having you analyse my face. I have had fun since putting on “the slap’ differently and being told that I look great."

"Thank you for the new make-up tips that make me feel the star of the party."

"Having a private lesson at home made me feel so special and the
routine is really helpful. I love my new look."

"I so enjoyed meeting you and having you analyse my face. I have had fun since putting on “the slap’ differently and being told that I look great.."

I Also Offer

(For Up To 4 Women)

A group of friends can book a session together where I look at their own make-up and kits, make suggestions and show them how to enhance their features with the correct routine. In these sessions we concentrate particularly on the eyes and everyone gets a chance to try a new eye make-up.


Throughout my long career, I have advised companies and women in the
public eye. A well thought out make-up adds to your professional image and never more than today when so much communication is
done visually over the internet. Make-up training with hair and wardrobe advice gives you so much more confidence for that vital meeting or Zoom presentation, I can even show you a clever lighting trick.

Contact me to discuss your requirements

"If I look badly groomed and my clothes are creased people think that I can't run the country."
~Margaret Thatcher to me at No.10

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