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All of these talks can be delivered in person or via Zoom


Shakespeare's World

This talk is designed for pupils studying Shakespearian plays and was originally created for students at LAMDA to give them an idea of London and the society he was writing for at that time. 

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

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The Victorian Girl & Her World

This talk was originally developed for pupils working on Blue Stockings by Jessica Swale at Chigwell School in Essex to give them a feeling of the world those early Girton girls came from.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons 

Stage Make-Up Basics

Today make-up for productions is very natural but this talk explains why it is useful and how to achieve simple make-ups that work with stage lighting. It also explains how to achieve the most tricky of things: Ageing a young face believably. 

After listening to this talk you will have a clear guide to the products you need for a good school make-up kit. This talk is designed for everyone working on a make-up team and is full of practical tips for working with students. 

*Please note that Rosemarie also does make-up workshops for GCSE students doing stage make-up as their specialist subject. Contact for further information.

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Joe Maingot, Director of Drama, Chigwell School,Essex

Rosemarie Swinfield held another of her fantastic make-up workshops on our open day. Once again our make-up girls had a great learning experience which has become the foundation stone of their GCSE Stage Make-Up Course. 

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